Band Members

Emma // Violin
Chris //  Guitar . Vocals . Mandolin . Clarinet . Harmonica . Accordion
Nat // Percussion . Vocals
Ben // Double Bass . Accordion . Vocals . Guitar


Sophie // Trumpet . Vocals
Sophie // Accordion


"This band have beautifully placed trumpet parts whose melody lines interweave and play with the violin and guitars, and bold drum rhythms that really chill you. This is true brooding, dark indie-folk that really stirs something inside you."
----REMOTE GOAT---- 


“This is a fine interpretation of traditional-sounding folk, particularly for a debut, and well worth a good chunk of your time. […] The title track (all four parts of it) has a delightful spring in its step and ‘The Ballad Of Mary Freer’, a two and a half minute instrumental, is particularly intricate. ‘To Let Reply’ is just one of many tunes that show off some of the outstanding arrangements that have been conjured up by the London outfit and ‘Awake’ is a rousing number tucked away towards the end that feels like one last all-out burst of enthusiasm. The record also sounds quite broad and boundless as it allows each individual instrument to shine. From every fluttering violin note to every guitar string delicately plucked, it shows off muscianship that is heavily accomplished."

"Brilliant band [...] which I can highly recommend. [...] Gorgeous lyrics, and the sound is also pure, unique and lovely"

"Although Dear Winesburg are a folk band, they purvey in a sound few others have attempted to approach; frontman Chris' dark alternative voice rages across every track, in stark contrast to the backing vocals, which lend a complimentary hand but in turn get everyone to simmer down and be quiet. The closest comparison I can think of is that of a suicidal Noah and the Whale, but to be honest I've never been their biggest fan, and this I love, so the two must be quite different. Perhaps the best way to describe Dear Winesburg is, "completely original", and leave it at that."

“The, quite simply, undeniably wonderful Dear Winesburg took to the stage and held me in their sway for close to an hour with their gorgeous flurries of song, entire cities of music patiently put together on stage and sent so very generously to my eyes and ears. The album has since kept me company on a semi-weekly basis like a new friend you like but are reluctant to spent too much time with because he/she’s just too dark, too hyper, too much! Very heartfelt and timeless ballads, grow 21st century legs and roam around with comforting unpredictability (it was so fun watching them live and not being able to second-guess which instrument would be next to centre stage, which melody would take the song over yet another new hill…like a traveller excited about the views that await us on the less-trodden path). Anyway, enough of the metaphor! In essence, this is very good stuff…for people who like very good stuff”

"Thoughtful and introspective folk with masterful guitar finger work. Injected with a good dose of 'pull yourself together' by the beautifully swooning violin and layered boy-girl vocals. You can count the gigs they've played on one hand and they already sound purposeful. Promising indeed."
----Music Editor of THE LEEDS GUIDE----

"Front man, Chris Kreinczes, sings with a raw but suppressed intensity that hearkens back to the protest singers of the 60s. He delivers his songs almost like warnings, like he knows something we don't. There are parts I don't understand, probably the most interesting parts. However, I am pretty certain there is something special about this band."

“some sort of folk throwdown hoedown frenzy. Their new album is terrific and I can't speak highly enough of their live show!”

"fresh like babies breath"